Promote a Culture that Values EBPs

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Does the organization promote a culture that values evidence-based practice (i.e., mission statement, practice expectations)?

All of the activities described in the previous sections help define the culture of your organization. The culture can be welcoming to change or traditional. It can be focused on the evidence and using scientific theory to drive services or it can be intuitive. For your implementation of an EBP to be more than a passing fad, your culture needs to embrace it.

Leadership has a hard time seeing the culture it has created.

  • Ask staff what it feels like to work in the organization and what they think it values.
  • Ask patients what it feels like to be a patient and what they think the organization values or what drives the organization.

You may be surprised and need to review your policy and procedure manual and your change steps to ensure the culture is supportive of using the EBP that you want to use.

Do you need to do a culture changing project? Put together a change team like you did for adoption of the EBP but this time give them the charge to identify changes that need to be made to make the organizational culture more conducive to using the EBPs that you want to use.